About me

Hello! I’m Tony.

I am never sure which words to use to describe my professional job, but I think I have settled on “web app programmer”. My official title is "Staff Software Engineer", in case those words mean something to you.

Outside of work, I am a regular dude living in Minnesota. I am engaged to a wonderful woman. I take my coffee and music way too seriously. I have played the drums for my entire life, and taught drumline percussion on-and-off for about a third of my life.

I aspire to write blog posts on this website. However, the scales are heavily tipped towards building the site, and thus far I have not done as much writing as I would like. I do have plenty of drafts started. If I ever feel satisfied with how this site is built, then I hope to publish more frequently.

About this website

This website is built using the 11ty static site generator. I chose 11ty because it provides me with the perfect balance between coding my site manually and automating some of the tedious aspects of a fully vanilla website. I can write in vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; the framework takes care of my RSS feed, browser support, and shared markup.

I have taken great care to make the source code of this website clean and easy to read. This is true both in the actual source code of this website, as well as the built code. There is no minification or “uglification” here—just nicely-formatted code for humans.

Also, this website is fast as heck. Look at your network tab. There are no custom fonts. All of the CSS is inlined. All you get is a single document a few kilobytes long.

I am very proud of this.

I also do not track anything. There are no analytics whatsoever. Not in the browser, and not on the server.

Accessibility statement

I would like this website to be usable by the widest possible audience, regardless of device, browser, network speed, or ability. As such, I strive to meet the level AA standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2.

If you have any issues using this website, please contact me by email at issues@tonymottaz.com. I take these issues seriously and will try to remedy the problem as quickly as I can.