Tony Mottaz

Minnesota, USA


I am a front-end web developer with more than 6 years of experience building high-performance, accessible, user-oriented web applications. I have worked primarily in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/TypeScript. I have deep experience with React and related frameworks such as Next.js, styled-components, and more. I have experience with testing frameworks to test front-end code at a unit level (Jest, Vitest, Testing Library), integration level (Cypress component tests), and end-to-end level (Cypress, Cucumber).

I have worked on component libraries and design systems, bridging together engineering, UI/UX designers, product leads, and user research to create effective and delightful user experiences.

I believe that we have a moral responsibility to build accessible web experiences. Accessibility is non-negotiable; it is not a “feature”, nor is it “something we can do later.” The web is for everyone.

I believe in choosing boring technology — that we should spend our energy solving only the problems that we are uniquely positioned to solve. For everything else, we should choose common, well-understood, battle-tested technology.


Indigo Ag
Staff Software Engineer
March, 2022 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
December, 2020 – March, 2022

After converting to a full-time employee at Indigo Ag, I was on the design system team. We worked closely with a designer to create our React-based component library and design system guidelines for Indigo web applications. This design system was (and still is) actively used by several different web applications throughout Indigo.

I helped establish and uphold a high bar of code quality, accessibility, testing, and stability of the component library. We designed, wrote, tested, and documented reusable components and design system patterns. We also provided support in the form of regular office hours, code review, and pair programming.

Our team, and my role in particular, gradually transitioned to include broader aspects of front-end development at Indigo. I researched, designed, proposed, and implemented our text translation and localization system using Crowdin and i18next, including a fully automated translation integration workflow. I taught our translators how to use this system and wrote documentation for other engineers.

I was selected to be part of a small team to build a new application from the ground-up. I was trusted by my engineering leadership to establish our front-end architecture. I also played a large role in designing our data models and REST API endpoints. Since then, I have primarily been focused on guiding our engineering best practices, UI application architecture, and engineering patterns focused on performance, accessibility, and maintainability.

Object Partners, Inc.
Senior Consultant
April, 2019 – December, 2020

At Object Partners, I was a senior consultant focused on front-end development. My first and only client was Indigo Ag where I joined as an individual contributor on a feature team for the marketplace application.

Jump Technology, Inc.
Front End Developer
December, 2016 – April, 2019

At Jump Technology, I cut my teeth as a developer by working on the UI for an inventory management application for hospitals. When I joined, the front-end architecture consisted of JSP — similar to PHP, except it uses the Java programming language — and jQuery + jQuery UI. I later migrated the UI application to Vue.js with REST API endpoints.


Northern Illinois University
M.S., Pure Mathematics
August, 2015 – December, 2016
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
B.S., Physics and Mathematics
August, 2011 – May, 2015




I have a strong proficiency in communication, both written and spoken. I have written extensive technical documentation.

Leadership and education

Outside of my professional career, I have done a lot of teaching for marching bands and drumline groups for highschool and college students. I have adapted those skills to the workplace, using empathy and building on previous knowledge to help guide other engineers.


Professional and personal references are available and will be furnished upon request.